Cyberharasser’s Abusive Use of DMCA

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dmcaOn March 13, 2014, the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives, through its Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet, held a hearing regarding the copyright infringement notice and takedown procedures set forth in 17 U.S.C. § 512, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a copyright law in the United States.  On October 12, 1998, the United States Senate passed by unanimous vote, and President Bill Clinton signed into law on October 28, 1998, an amendment to Title 17 of the United States Code to extend the reach of copyright.  The amendment also limited liability of providers of online services for copyright infringement by their users.

At the Judiciary Committee hearing, Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) introduced the hearing by identifying three issues of particular interest to him: (1) the “whack-a-mole” problem copyright owners face, whereby infringing material that has been…

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Vincenza Leonelli-Spina owner of, has been screwing over The Police In New Jersey Since 1996

Not only did Mrs. Spina (known on twitter as @FauxrealityM, @A1_buckwheat, @W00pitup, @Krupaworld and many other accounts) steal over a half a million dollars from New Jersey Police Officers which led to her disbarrment, she started fucking over NJ Police officers back in 1996, 11 police officers to be exact,by providing them with incompetent and negligent representation.

click link for original PDF

vinnie spina disciplinary review board 1 final

vinnie spina disciplinary review board 2 Final.jpg

The Video That Vincenza Leonelli Spina Doesn’t Want You To See

Mrs. Spina/ @Fauxrealitym/ @A1_buckwheat/ @W00pitup, has been very busy the past couple of months, filing false DMCA complaints in an effort to hide the overwhelming evidence that she is a disbarred lawyer who steals from our Heroes in Blue.

Oh well, here’s the new video compilation featuring the school board meeting, the terlinqua car show interview, and the notorious recorded phone call she made to the employer of one of her many enemies spouses’.

The original sources are at the bottom.


  1. Fortlee School Board Meeting Featuring Vinnie Spina 
  2. Terlingua Preservation Society interview with Vinnie Spina 
  3. The Recorded Phone Call of Vinnie Spina (using the alias of Toni/ Antonella Mollica) attempting to get someone fired from their job. 
  4. She was so upset that the phone call was recorded, she sent a forged C&D to Jeff Cramer’s employer Demanding he “Contain” the damage that was done by releasing this phone call, she also threatened that “every remedy would  be pursued until all parties are held accountable.” lol…2 years later… and well… you know…Cramer C and D Final

A Treasure Trove of Vinnie Spina’s Fake Accounts

Where to even begin, let’s start with how this was discovered this morning…

1st. this tweet from vinnie last week on her @fauxrealitym account where she revealed a new alias . “Lori M”

vinnie fauxrealitym LoriM

2nd. This email was discovered where she was forwarding emails to herself from a gmail account using the name Lori Masker (she’s also talking shit about vizard in this email, i’m sure he’d like to know this if anyone can contact him)

vinnie lmasker email

Well… here’s “Lori Masker’s” twitter account and low and behold look at who it’s following, but hasn’t tweeted since 2013

Loris Masker following final

3rd.  Lookie Lookie at what email address vinnie is using for her @W00pitup account, you fill in the blanks.. LM…7 spaces to fill.. “asker55” …. uh huh…that’s it.

vinnie w00p lmasker final

4th. we cross referenced all the following and followers… and such an odd coincidence … every single account was created in April 2013, on one account she’s even using a photo of my friend Susi Graf as the profile pic…

(the @tweetpopoo account is directly linked to here’s the spokeo report showing that > Spokeo Resulst for

vinnie Tweet PoPOO finalVinnie LizzieCloster Lori masker finalvinnie issa final finalvinnie fancy pants nancy tj FInalvinnie azuccaro finalvinnie greg landerfield bio finalvinnie joey perc bee final

vinnie kiss me harder finalvinnie marcusstjohn finalvinni dani giordano final

vinnie jill and daniel final
the photograph she is using is of my friend, Director Susi Graf, that’s German pop singer Joana Zimmer in the background

you really need to go check out the IsabellaTerlin account.. she was once again having twitter sex, this time with herself… meaning her @landerfield account…it’s truly amazing… If we discover more we’ll add them.

Not even an hour later and i have an update… Meet the real Lori Masker from Closter NJ…her married name is Lori Masker Tirelli..she’s 51 and she will be contacted about vinnie spina stealing her identity…

Lori Masker Tirelli facebook Final


Vincenza Leonelli Spina’s Whitney Houston Style Comeback!

Another Quicky…. it’s been over two months since i’ve mentioned vinnie spina… now currently known on twitter as @PrincessH0lly, she’s had over 20 accounts permanently suspended from twitter…YET… tonight…she and her old crow crew decided to start up again… out of complete paranoia…. what’s funny is during that two months vinnie has made many huge mistakes… tweeting things that only further prove she is in fact, the common law fraud disbarred lawyer we all know her to be…I’ll save the Rabbit Shmuley for another day…

anychoo… read the following screen shots… pay attention to UNICO… you know the drill.

(to read the full email featured below here is the link > Full Email

vinnie spina unico 1 final

vinnie spina unico 2 final

unico 3 final

So Vinnie Spina Likes To Email Folks Churches?

This will be a quickie… not quickie in the sense that Brandon and Vinnie like to use the term…but you get my drift.

So now, i guess for over a year Vinnie has been accusing Starr of running a gofundme scam…based on the fact that Starr used an alias for the gofundme…mind you, she used the alias because the events that led her to starting the fund were embarrassing to her…she like hundreds of thousands of people in this country had to deal with bedbugs..bedbugs are most common to people who travel a great deal… so it’s not a problem based on socioeconomics, but i digress….She knew that people on social media would ridicule her with this, at the time she didn’t realize it would be one of her closest and most trusted friends…Vinnie Spina, (fauxreality, medialexie, buckwheatmedia..etc etc etc) that would do the ridiculing… I mean Vinnie even donated to the gofundme…Ironically her donation was rejected because she was using a FAKE NAME that was not associated with the credit card she attempted to use…. (see below)

Vinnie GOfund Donation


Well.. needless to say, when Vinnie decided to attack Starr because Starr stood up for the Smiley Family.. This was the first line of attack. The name starr used for the gofundme was Michelle Medlock… Vinnie made a huge deal of it, even wrote a blog about it…using the name “medlock”

Vinnie Medlock Blog

During this time period Vinnie began following the church that Starr’s teenage daughter and Brother attend..retweeting etc and also following the Oklahoma Department of Child Services…as a means to intimidate and threaten Starr… Vinnie made many references to the church and starr’s brother making fun of his nick name…blah blah blah, you know the drill with her by now….

So at this point over a year has gone by, Vinnie’s memory faded, probably as a result of drinking too much wine, but faded none the less and she sent an email to the church and the entire congregation listed on their email prayer chain on the website, She accidentally used the name “Medford” instead of “Medlock”……

Vinnie medford letter

Now the email above was sent on June 4th…. I know exactly how many eyes have seen this email…and no one has made mention of the contents…It wasn’t even addressed publicly until a couple of weeks ago.. BY ME!

Then out of nowhere Vinnie started, instead of using the name “medlock” started using the name “medford”…coinky dink?… I think not…Now she’s trying to claim someone sent her an email…notifying her the email that SHE SENT was using the name “medford”… so that’s why she started using the name medford…uh huh… yeah we believe you…

Let’s Examine how her story changed just in a matter of minutes below…..

FIRST… vinnie stuck to her guns that “MEDFORD” was the name Starr used for the gofundme…she was adamant! she said it repeatedly today… on 7/27/2015

Vinnie Medford was name used in scam 1

Vinnie Medford was name used in scam 2

Then her story evolved into… “someone sent her an email telling her that “Medford” was used in the email to the church”


Vinnie Medford Medlock story

One thing everyone knows about a liar, they can never keep their stories straight…

He’s real right?

yeah, he's real ... he's really hot, and really involved with  Bill Bouvier..and that's not

lol guess what, that's Troy Smith AGAIN!

Vincenza Leonelli Spina Uses The Sons of Italy to perpetuate fraud…gets slapped by the Grand Lodge.

Just to make it easy for everyone to understand without having to scroll through my twitter timeline, here it is.. all the evidence…

Back in July of 2013 one of Vinnie’s former friends provided us with her phone number that she used to conduct twitter business… this was before she set up her google voice number…

This number was also the direct number provided by Patrick Spina’s secretary to “Antonella’s Office” at Patrick’s law firm…(antonella mollica is the alias she’s been using on twitter and also to continue working for her husband)

So when we googled that # look what popped up

sons of italy 9738905585 final

This also popped up… look at the address she originally had posted on the Il Messogiorno Lodge website


Same Building as Patrick Spina’s law office, but she listed the suite number of “001”….and that suite # actually belongs to the Ibrahim Law Firm… still not good for vinnie, she’s not supposed to share office space with any lawyer… but the Ibrahim Law Firm was unaware their address had been used. (link to Ibrahim law group website )

So we go a little further and Vinnie has made herself the “recording secretary” of the fraudulent Sons of Italy Lodge in Totowa Nj

sons of italy recording secretary

(notice the name “jack mollica” listed as president? He had no clue)

Oh here’s the List of events taking place at the Lodge

Sonsa of Itally calendar

What’s really funny, is 20 minutes after i announced her connection to this “Lodge” on twitter.. she shut the website down!

Now, what’s even funnier is… the IRS eventually revoked this “lodge’s” tax exempt status.. because Vinnie had not filed any returns in three years or proper paper work in 3 years.

sons of italy vinnie

Not only that… but The Grand Lodge of The Sons of Italy , who oversees all the lodges in NJ shut the lodge down because they discovered it was only a lodge on paper.. no members, no physical lodge, and Vinnie Spina didn’t pay the lodge dues for almost 4 years.. actually had never paid any dues to the Grand Lodge or the National HQ ..EVER! NEVER!

all the usual suspects, from her Sons of Italy facebook page... "luca" ,"frank" oh and sempre lol flirting with herself.
all the usual suspects, from her Sons of Italy facebook page… “luca” ,”frank” oh and sempre lol flirting with herself.

A Thief, A Drunk and A Drug Dealer Walk Into A Bar…..

The  Famous Oliver Peck in the orange wig at a recent party... Brandon King has claimed that Oliver is his personal friend and personal tattoo artist... that's brandon's mugshot....
The Famous Oliver Peck in the orange wig at a recent party… Brandon King has claimed that Oliver is his personal friend and personal tattoo artist… that’s brandon’s mugshot….

Well I am certain most of you are now familiar with the saga of Vincenza Leonelli Spina and her “Hackor For Hire”… Brandon C. King…. If not you can see my 2 previous posts detailing it extensively.. and accurately …below.  ( i also included a 3rd link to another wonderful blog with further very interesting information about this DUO.




But… Today… my fellow Americans.. I wanted to address the events that took place… well.. TODAY!   January 30th 2015…

Have you ever been threatened with a law suit….criminal charges… R.I.C.O. prosecution.. and Death Threats…. On the same day… By The same person?…. Well I have!

Before you enjoy the Hilarity of a Disbarred Thief Lawyer, Vinnie Leonelli Spina, and a Thrice Convicted Drug Dealer / Prison Law School Grad , Brandon C. King let me explain to you what R.I.C.O. Charges are…

RICO law refers to the prosecution and defense of individuals who engage in organized crime. In 1970, Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in an effort to combat Mafia groups. Since that time, the law has been expanded and used to go after a variety of organizations, from corrupt police departments to motorcycle gangs. RICO law should not be thought of as a way to punish the commission of an isolated criminal act. Rather, the law establishes severe consequences for those who engage in a pattern of wrongdoing as a member of a criminal enterprise.

*blank stare*

Now to the Hilarity.

The day started with these amazing “legal threats”… some directed at Kristen Johnston and the amazing lawyer commissioned to deal with these cunts. (read the captions under each image, i hate  wasting good lines)

Here Brandon and Vinnie  are saying they are going subpoena twitter to get Kristen Johnston's Direct Messages from Twitter.
Here Brandon and Vinnie are saying they are going to subpoena twitter to get Kristen Johnston’s Direct Messages from Twitter. oh and he’s also saying Kristen is going to jail… for doing nothing by the way. lol
Vinnie Spina's response lol but she added that Kristen's emails would be subpoenaed .
Vinnie Spina’s response lol but she added that Kristen’s emails would be subpoenaed .
Here Brandon King is threatening to file a bar complaint against the amazing lawyer that has successfully been shutting down his websites.. one by one.
Here Brandon King is threatening to file a bar complaint against the amazing lawyer that has successfully been shutting down his websites.. one by one.
Here Brandon is claiming that Vinnie Spina is not involved.. but she's disbarred so he can't be calling her an attorney.. maybe he means her husband Patrick Spina.. who is the registered agent for FR Entertainment LLC..  he's not disbarred that i know of....again *blank stare*
Here Brandon is claiming that Vinnie Spina is not involved.. but she’s disbarred so he can’t be calling her an attorney.. maybe he means her husband Patrick Spina.. who is the registered agent for FR Entertainment LLC.. he’s not disbarred that i know of….again *blank stare*
Now this one is AMAZING... and an example of the results of getting  your legal education in prison.. "criminally libel statements"...  well kids... libel is a tort..which means it's a civil matter.
Now this one is AMAZING… and an example of the results of getting your legal education in prison.. “criminally libel statements”… well kids… libel is a tort..which means it’s a civil matter.
Oh... looky loo... here brandon is claiming that we are going to have R.I.C.O charges filed against us... I need to know who the "Don Corleone" is in our group lol
Oh… looky loo… here brandon is claiming that we are going to have R.I.C.O charges filed against us… I need to know who the “Don Corleone” is in our group lol
Oh here's Brandon explaining to umm "kitten" (yeah we'll call her kitthen) what RICO laws are... that prison law school education is paying off!
Oh here’s Brandon explaining to umm “kitten” (yeah we’ll call her kitthen) what RICO laws are… that prison law school education is paying off!
The beginning of Brandon's Death Threat Rant... he thinks i reside in Washington Dc.
The beginning of Brandon’s Death Threat Rant… he thinks i reside in Washington Dc.
*sips her tea*
*sips her tea*
OH NOOS.. The Hells Angels are after us... on behalf of...Brandon King.
OH NOOS.. The Hells Angels are after us… on behalf of…Brandon King.
he's talking about himself here... he has tattoos kids... be afraid.. be very afraid.
he’s talking about himself here… he has tattoos kids… be afraid.. be very afraid.

The Common Law Fraud @BW__Media / ‘s IP address and further evidence… for your enjoyment.

So… we all know, or i assume we know that IP addresses usually give one a general location of where someone resides… usually the city where the internet service is provided… but there are some top notch members of Anonymous and the wonderful Modes (serious) that are far more skilled at narrowing it down.

Anychoo… this belongs to vinnie notice the Longitude and Latitude…. (i blocked out the actual numbers) lol

Faux ip final FINAL

NOW… look at this… again notice the Longitude and Latitude…. oh and here’s the source link >  < you can actually go test it yourself..


Make your own judgments .