The Video That Vincenza Leonelli Spina Doesn’t Want You To See

Mrs. Spina/ @Fauxrealitym/ @A1_buckwheat/ @W00pitup, has been very busy the past couple of months, filing false DMCA complaints in an effort to hide the overwhelming evidence that she is a disbarred lawyer who steals from our Heroes in Blue.

Oh well, here’s the new video compilation featuring the school board meeting, the terlinqua car show interview, and the notorious recorded phone call she made to the employer of one of her many enemies spouses’.

The original sources are at the bottom.


  1. Fortlee School Board Meeting Featuring Vinnie Spina 
  2. Terlingua Preservation Society interview with Vinnie Spina 
  3. The Recorded Phone Call of Vinnie Spina (using the alias of Toni/ Antonella Mollica) attempting to get someone fired from their job. 
  4. She was so upset that the phone call was recorded, she sent a forged C&D to Jeff Cramer’s employer Demanding he “Contain” the damage that was done by releasing this phone call, she also threatened that “every remedy would  be pursued until all parties are held accountable.” lol…2 years later… and well… you know…Cramer C and D Final

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