A Treasure Trove of Vinnie Spina’s Fake Accounts

Where to even begin, let’s start with how this was discovered this morning…

1st. this tweet from vinnie last week on her @fauxrealitym account where she revealed a new alias . “Lori M”

vinnie fauxrealitym LoriM

2nd. This email was discovered where she was forwarding emails to herself from a gmail account using the name Lori Masker (she’s also talking shit about vizard in this email, i’m sure he’d like to know this if anyone can contact him)

vinnie lmasker email

Well… here’s “Lori Masker’s” twitter account and low and behold look at who it’s following, but hasn’t tweeted since 2013

Loris Masker following final

3rd.  Lookie Lookie at what email address vinnie is using for her @W00pitup account, you fill in the blanks.. LM…7 spaces to fill.. “asker55” …. uh huh…that’s it.

vinnie w00p lmasker final

4th. we cross referenced all the following and followers… and such an odd coincidence … every single account was created in April 2013, on one account she’s even using a photo of my friend Susi Graf as the profile pic…

(the @tweetpopoo account is directly linked to faux.reality@yahoo.com here’s the spokeo report showing that > Spokeo Resulst for Faux.Reality@yahoo.com

vinnie Tweet PoPOO finalVinnie LizzieCloster Lori masker finalvinnie issa final finalvinnie fancy pants nancy tj FInalvinnie azuccaro finalvinnie greg landerfield bio finalvinnie joey perc bee final

vinnie kiss me harder finalvinnie marcusstjohn finalvinni dani giordano final

vinnie jill and daniel final
the photograph she is using is of my friend, Director Susi Graf, that’s German pop singer Joana Zimmer in the background

you really need to go check out the IsabellaTerlin account.. she was once again having twitter sex, this time with herself… meaning her @landerfield account…it’s truly amazing… If we discover more we’ll add them.

Not even an hour later and i have an update… Meet the real Lori Masker from Closter NJ…her married name is Lori Masker Tirelli..she’s 51 and she will be contacted about vinnie spina stealing her identity… https://www.facebook.com/lori.tirelli/about

Lori Masker Tirelli facebook Final



7 thoughts on “A Treasure Trove of Vinnie Spina’s Fake Accounts

  1. Oh. Em. Gee. I don’t have time to read my emails who has the time for this? Oh yeah, unemployed disbarred attorneys do. Good work Queenz.


  2. This woman has wayyy too much time on her hands. Then again, bullying, stealing identities & making twitter accts is a full time Job


  3. It’s become a Twitter Style “Where’s Waldo” game of find the new Vinnie Sock Account. I always get a big kick when I see Vinnie’s dumb minions send a group tweet/or converse with all her alias/sock accounts in one conversation having NO idea they are talking to just one lonely old NJ busted c*nt.


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