So Vinnie Spina Likes To Email Folks Churches?

This will be a quickie… not quickie in the sense that Brandon and Vinnie like to use the term…but you get my drift.

So now, i guess for over a year Vinnie has been accusing Starr of running a gofundme scam…based on the fact that Starr used an alias for the gofundme…mind you, she used the alias because the events that led her to starting the fund were embarrassing to her…she like hundreds of thousands of people in this country had to deal with bedbugs..bedbugs are most common to people who travel a great deal… so it’s not a problem based on socioeconomics, but i digress….She knew that people on social media would ridicule her with this, at the time she didn’t realize it would be one of her closest and most trusted friends…Vinnie Spina, (fauxreality, medialexie, buckwheatmedia..etc etc etc) that would do the ridiculing… I mean Vinnie even donated to the gofundme…Ironically her donation was rejected because she was using a FAKE NAME that was not associated with the credit card she attempted to use…. (see below)

Vinnie GOfund Donation


Well.. needless to say, when Vinnie decided to attack Starr because Starr stood up for the Smiley Family.. This was the first line of attack. The name starr used for the gofundme was Michelle Medlock… Vinnie made a huge deal of it, even wrote a blog about it…using the name “medlock”

Vinnie Medlock Blog

During this time period Vinnie began following the church that Starr’s teenage daughter and Brother attend..retweeting etc and also following the Oklahoma Department of Child Services…as a means to intimidate and threaten Starr… Vinnie made many references to the church and starr’s brother making fun of his nick name…blah blah blah, you know the drill with her by now….

So at this point over a year has gone by, Vinnie’s memory faded, probably as a result of drinking too much wine, but faded none the less and she sent an email to the church and the entire congregation listed on their email prayer chain on the website, She accidentally used the name “Medford” instead of “Medlock”……

Vinnie medford letter

Now the email above was sent on June 4th…. I know exactly how many eyes have seen this email…and no one has made mention of the contents…It wasn’t even addressed publicly until a couple of weeks ago.. BY ME!

Then out of nowhere Vinnie started, instead of using the name “medlock” started using the name “medford”…coinky dink?… I think not…Now she’s trying to claim someone sent her an email…notifying her the email that SHE SENT was using the name “medford”… so that’s why she started using the name medford…uh huh… yeah we believe you…

Let’s Examine how her story changed just in a matter of minutes below…..

FIRST… vinnie stuck to her guns that “MEDFORD” was the name Starr used for the gofundme…she was adamant! she said it repeatedly today… on 7/27/2015

Vinnie Medford was name used in scam 1

Vinnie Medford was name used in scam 2

Then her story evolved into… “someone sent her an email telling her that “Medford” was used in the email to the church”


Vinnie Medford Medlock story

One thing everyone knows about a liar, they can never keep their stories straight…

He’s real right?

yeah, he's real ... he's really hot, and really involved with  Bill Bouvier..and that's not

lol guess what, that's Troy Smith AGAIN!


2 thoughts on “So Vinnie Spina Likes To Email Folks Churches?

  1. Wow. What a vile ditch pig and a useless sack of excrement Vinnie is. Why is she so obssessed with people on the Internet that she doesn’t know? Does she not get there is an off button that if she puts her device down and walks away there is an actual world outside her front door and that all these people she doesn’t know IRL she harasses will live their lives quietly on the otherside of the continent? All she has to do is turn of twitter and forget this and life will go on. The fact she continues to make her existence revolve around harassing people is because she likes to be a bully, that’s all she got, and that’s all she wrote. Vinnie, I also know what a coward you are so I assume you will send your brainless deliverance crew here to do screen shots – and report back to you. I can’t wrap my head around how someone could be so stupid to believe her at this point. There is so much evidence that clearly shows she’s a lying troll who spends like 20 hours a day on twitter obsessing over people she has never met. Hey Vinnie, go back to having twitter anal with Brandy. At least you were doing SOMETHING. Thank you Grace for continuing to expose this gutter rat. And an honorable mention to the nearly 100k views on Bullyville!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you. she’s amazing, she had everything she wanted, a truce, everyone in my group of friends had moved on and not mentioned her for almost a year, i had left twitter for over a year and a half… and she just couldn’t keep her word… she had to start so many wars with people, and when they fought back she blamed me….bad move.


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