Disbarred Lawyer Turns Into Most Dangerous Troll On Social Media; Vincenza Leonelli Spina owner of @FauxrealityM / @adiamondpr

Most Dangerous Predator Troll On Social Media Vincenza Leonelli Spina/ @FauxRealityM  / @adiamondpr/ Fauxrealityentertainment.com


This is an Update… Vincenza Leonelli- Spina has finally admitted she is behind all of the notorious troll accounts she has used for years to torture people on social media.

vinnie spina admitting she's vinnie spina
I love how this complaint is riddled with delusions of grandeur..especially the part about how she and her husband are related to the Agresta family that owns Benzel Busch, a car dealership in NJ… where she bought her used Mercedes.

So Vinnie was accidentally outed on her newest venture @adiamondpr by the new cast members of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania…

apparently the first tweet was deleted by Siggy  lol, they’ve decided to try and save face and double down a few days later. Vinnie Spina just can’t let go of her obsession with RHONJ.



To get a grasp of this saga, start at the beginning below.


Once upon a time there was a Hoary, Bedeviled Creature that began meddling in the lives of the pure, demure, innocent, occupants of  Twitterville.  She was first known to us as @GregsLooseHole  (update after vinnie’s over 20 suspensions from twitter, her current (known) handles are @FauxRealityM , @Adiamondpr , @A1_Buckwheat , @W00pItUp , , and @KrupaWorld ) , during that incarnation she actually led folks into believing she was a male….and judging by the hands…i wouldn’t have been shocked…. Soon she was unable to regulate her terror to twitter, she created a website called “FauxrealityEntertainment.com.”  She used her hobby blog (thanks for the term Ilana) to target those she felt wronged by.   Often without any cause or rationale.  For example … if one called her a troll…she would respond by reporting this person to the I.R.S.

(if you click on each image you can enlarge it for a better view)

This is the letter she wrote to the IRS on Myself and My Friend/ co host skylar..because in her words i called her a
This is the letter she wrote to the IRS on Myself and My Friend/ co host skylar..because in her words i called her a “troll” …. overreaction much? stable? balanced? well-adjusted?

Soon after her letter to the I.R.S. she took to her blog to write, what is now a total of 10 blogs about Me.  In addition to targeting many others… with the primary goal of harming their lives or livelihoods  in some fashion.  (we all know that everyone googles folks they do business with or may hire and these blogs show up in search engines)

Little did we know at the time she had been doing this for several years on Facebook with a facebook group called “the truth shall set you free.” here’s the link to that facebook group (pay attention to the chaotic art work) https://www.facebook.com/thetruthwillsetyoufree.2012

read as much of the chaotic text in this as you can, I am sure somethings will smack in the face as you read.
read as much of the chaotic text in this as you can, I am sure somethings will smack you in the face as you read.
notice the extraordinary similarity to the
notice the extraordinary similarity to the “work” she did on her “the truth will set you free” facebook page?

The name she used on Facebook was “Antonella.”   I also didn’t know she had written letters to the I.R.S. on others but… she did so to a person we’ll call “becca”… and she would post pics from the interior of her car in an effort to intimidate her with her alleged economic prowess.

faux's car

carlos bakery

She also would display her “extensive” legal knowledge, especially concerning bankruptcy, on The Stoopid housewives site under the guise of “antonella.”

antonella stoopid 2
lol i love how stoopid was trying to “school” her… you know that had to drive her nuts.
antonella stoopid
12 years huh?

Well, it turns out that she also had another account on twitter called “@thatantonella

Antonella profile
notice who she was following? she locked the account as soon as i announced it and changed the profile image… that’s next.

NOW this is the original name she used on this above account “antonella mollica” and pay close attention to the image she used…she also used this same image on facebook when she was terrorizing people there.

pretty right? well that's actually a fitness/adult model named Louise Glover. Pay close attention to the subject matter of
pretty right? well that’s actually a fitness/adult model named Louise Glover. Pay close attention to the subject matter of “fort lee new jersey” it will be relevant later.
oh her she is retweeting herself about RHOM and Romain Zago her well known twitter obsession.
oh here she is retweeting herself about RHOM and Romain Zago, her well known twitter obsession.
this is the original photo of Louise Glover that Fauxrealityet stole for her @thatantonella and facebook profile (the irony is this was taken at Adult Film (porn) awards in england.
this is the original photo of Louise Glover that @Fauxrealitye stole for her @thatantonella and facebook profile (the irony is this was taken at An Adult Film (porn) awards show in england.

I’ll try to fast forward a bit,  there’s just so much.

Anychoo… on Faux’s “antonella giants lovah” facebook profile she had a fiance named “luca”..and even had a FB profile for him (now deleted) … in addition to other fb profile’s for “luca’s brother” named Alex Dimo, and “luca’s cousin” named Christopher Cantone. lol All the images used for all of these profiles were stolen images…. well before she locked up her @thatantonella account… It was brought to my attention that @thatantonella was following a @luca82nd … and @luca82nd was using the same image on Twitter that was being used for his profile on Facebook.


So I tweeted “Luca”  this tweet,  (click the link below)


This is how @fauxrealitye responded

now mind you @fauxrealityet was not following @luca82nd yes by some miracle she was able to
now mind you @fauxrealitye was not following @luca82nd yet by some miracle she was able to “retweet” him from a locked account… and funny she would get upset because i tweeted”antonella’s” fiance. right? She later claimed i tweeted “her fiance” over 200 times it was actually 21 times. lol

Now here’s a close up of the image that @fauxrealite was using for her “fake fiance’s” twitter profile .

guess what, as most of you know, that guy's name isn't luca, it's Troy Smith, and he's gay, and he's Bill Bouvier's boyfriend! lol
guess what, as most of you know, that guy’s name isn’t luca, it’s Troy Smith, and he’s gay, and he’s Bill Bouvier’s boyfriend! lol

Well if this wasn’t enough… here’s another photo she posted on Twitter of her “fiance luca”

lol guess what, that's Troy Smith AGAIN!
lol guess what, that’s Troy Smith AGAIN!
yeah, he's real ... he's really hot, and really involved with Bill Bouvier..and that's not
yeah, he’s real … he’s really hot, and really involved with Bill Bouvier..and that’s not “luca’s alleged police dog either” we’ll get to the shiba inu in a bit lol

At this point is there really any doubt  that @fauxrealitye / fauxrealityentertainment.com is a fraud and thief ?  it gets better.

i’ll speed up now rather than bore you… read the captions lol

luca's car la times.

Well Here’s the link,  that faux posted above, to the La Times Article (click on the images it’s #3 of 15) > http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/gallery/p2p-69895421/

pay attention to the red arrow...at this point is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.
pay attention to the red arrow…at this point it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.
notice ” @thatantonella announcement she was attending the “shelby bash” in vegas.. also, more importantly notice she was Using another Stolen photo as her profile pic lol
*blank stare*
*blank stare* ummm “it will have a police SPECIALTY plate from new jersey” … i swear i’m not making this up. lol
This is the photo that @fauxrealityet posted on twitter as her
This is the photo that @fauxrealitye posted on twitter as her “husband’s car” on their way to a car show in palm springs CA.
another photo that @fauxrealityet tweeted of Patrick J. Spina's Car that she said was her
another photo that @fauxrealitye tweeted of Patrick J. Spina’s Car that she said was her “engagement ring” oddly it was also posted by ” @thatantonella” lol
this is another photo of her husband's car she posted (notice the background stores)
this is another photo of her husband’s car that she posted (notice the background stores)
again lol same stores , same parking lot. same cunt.
again lol same stores , same parking lot. same cunt.

Guess what? Evolution Performance even uses the husband’s car as their twitter profile pic > https://twitter.com/evoperform

Evolution Performance also has an entire photo album dedicated to this car on their facebook page > https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152325819415648&set=pb.262882950647.-2207520000.1373837963.&type=3&theater

Which is where this little diddy was found .

Guess who that license plate goes back to? His name is Patrick J. Spina. that's also a New Jersey Honor's Legion Specialty Plate
Guess who that license plate goes back to? His name is Patrick J. Spina. that’s also a New Jersey Honor’s Legion Specialty Plate
This is Patrick Spina being awarded a TAYLORMADE golf club at Upper Montclair Country Club
This is Patrick Spina being awarded a TAYLORMADE golf club at Upper Montclair Country Club

This is the video of Patrick J. Spina being given the Taylormade golf club at Upper Montclair Country club

Patrick J. Spina in his mustang (mystery woman in the background) is it faux? lol
Patrick J. Spina in his mustang (mystery woman in the background) is it faux?

Patrick J. Spina was also under consideration to become a temporary member of the FORT LEE, NJ school board , he didn’t get the job, i can’t imagine why. >


This is an image of a letter from the Upper Montclair Country Club that Faux Posted, notice it says
This is an image of a letter from the Upper Montclair Country Club that Faux Posted, notice it says “love faux” in the top right hand corner and the date is 2002 (11 years ago) Faux claims she is 35 +2 … i don’t know many cops who are 26 years old who have extra income to join this country club, especially considering she was claiming “luca” was in the same age range.
image of golf clubs Faux posted that she was giving away lol
image of golf clubs Faux posted that she was giving away lol
now notice the Logo on the golf bag... yes that's an
now notice the Logo on the golf bag… yes that’s an “upper montclair country club” logo

Now it’s about to get really good!

another pic Faux posted of flowers with a note to
another pic Faux posted of flowers with a note to “fanny” (tb’s REAL and cute dog) from her imaginary shiba inu named Massimo… look in the background to the left… notice the box?
taylormade golf club box look familiar? lol
taylormade golf club box look familiar? lol
faux posted this pic on twitter the
faux posted this pic on twitter the “badge” is for the New Jersey Honor Legion… not the PD lol
she's very careful here on her facebook profile to say
she’s very careful here on her facebook profile to say “police org” not police department lol , again “matching plates, benzel bush… you all are familiar with the drill.
Oh look , she's telling the truth they do have matching
Oh look , she’s telling the truth they do have matching “new jersey honors legion” license plates! the mercedes is also registered to Patrick Spina!
another “honors legion membership card” …notice the fat fingers and that god awful manicure
Oh Look... Who is that wearing the exact same
Oh Look… Who is that wearing the exact same “New Jersey Honor Legion” jacket featured above?…. you know who..I know who.. and Vinnie Knows Who….
Oh look Vinnie/@Bw__Media was at the New Jersey Honor Legion's President's Ball on 4/10/15 .... lol she cant' help herself.
Oh look Vinnie/@Bw__Media was at the New Jersey Honor Legion’s President’s Ball on 4/10/15 …. lol she cant’ help herself.
another pic she posted on Twitter ... do i need to mention the stay puff fingers and the god awful manicure?
another pic she posted on Twitter … do i need to mention the stay puff fingers and the god awful manicure?

same ring, same tacky manicure...same chubby nubs...same cunt.

same ring, same tacky manicure…same chubby nubs…same cunt.

to the left, the pic faux posted with her ipad note.. to the right.. the interior of patric j. spina's mustang from the Evolution Performance FB page. same custom red trim and stitching.. again custom.
to the left, the pic faux posted with her ipad note that reads “i am faux” .. to the right.. the interior of patric j. spina’s mustang from the Evolution Performance FB page. same custom red trim and stitching.. again custom.

Now who is Married to Patrick J. Spina, the man that owns this car? The Car with the New Jersey Honors Legion specialty plates? The Man who got a new set of Taylormade golf clubs? The Man who is a member of the Upper Montclair Country Club ?

lol totowa nj anyone? she had deleted with in seconds her accidental threat to richie about working for the most powerful lawyer in totowa nj lol ...but of course someone caught it before she deleted, Thanks Richie!
lol totowa nj anyone? she deleted , with in seconds, her accidental threat to richie about “working for the most powerful lawyer in totowa nj” lol …but of course someone caught it before she deleted, Thanks Richie!

Her name is VINCENZA LEONELLI-SPINA! and Just who is Vincenza?

Let’s refer to her as “vinnie”… well Vinnie used to be a Lawyer… uh huh in Totowa NJ, where her hub’s current practice is…. by used to be a lawyer, i mean she was disbarred… yes disbarred for stealing 270k from a former client’s trust fund… a fund she was responsible for paying taxes on…. When James Albro discovered that she had taken EVERY SINGLE PENNY out of this trust fund… he sued her… and won a judgement for almost 400k.. in an attempt to get out of paying this judgement she filed for bankruptcy and tried to have the judgement discharged in the bankruptcy… the judge found her guilty of common law fraud.. among other things.. and tacked on an additional 40ok + in punitive damages…. you can read all about it here… read it all kids,… it’s extremely interesting. ( side note almost all of Vinnie’s clients were cops…go figure)  click the link below 


yes vinnie is a tax fraud, common law fraud… thief…

Patrick and Vinnie
Patrick and Vinnie

seton hall class of 1990

well well .. Patrick went to seton hall... and is that
well well .. Patrick went to seton hall… and is that “1990” i see ?
Who's resources? Patrick J. Spina's Resources... very unethical in my humble opinion.
Who’s resources? Patrick J. Spina’s Resources… very unethical in my humble opinion.

Now the question is…. is Vinnie behind Fauxrealityentertainment.com and @fauxrealityE and the truth shall set you free?

Or is it Vinnie’s or , Patrick’s Secretary ?

Well…. she’s not the secretary… lol lookie loo… FR Entertainment LLC is registered in the name of Patrick J. Spina… of Totowa Nj….1 employee.. generating revenue of 38k a year… and it was established two weeks after she started her FauxrealityEntertainment.com Hate Blog…

red Highlight... FR Entertainment LLC
red Highlight… FR Entertainment LLC


Let me put it this way… she has access to his car.. his garage, his golf clubs, his mail….. her site is registered in Patrick Spina’s Name… so if it’s not vinnie, i’m sure Vinnie would like to know who this mystery woman is that has so much access to her husband’s life and property and is claiming to be married to him.

Now for some other interesting coinky dinks and fauxisms

lol oh really? Albert Manzo loves you?
lol oh really? Albert Manzo loves you? “antonella” lol
long standing business relationship with the manzos? i think they'd beg to differ Vinnie, Faux, Antonella.
long standing business relationship with the manzos? i think they’d beg to differ Vinnie, Faux, Antonella. “albert sr. loves me”
lol again the stolen image of louise glover and her
lol again the stolen image of louise glover and her “@thatantonella account” notice what she says here and in the next image.
need i say more? do i? do i really need to say anymore? lol
need i say more? do i? do i really need to say anymore? lol

Ever heard of the Adler Aphasia Center? I hadn’t either, it seems to be a very respected organization that does a great deal on the local level in helping those who suffer from Aphasia. Here’s a link to their website in the event you wish to donate -> http://www.adleraphasiacenter.org/

Guess who else donates and supports the Adler Aphasia Center in New Jersey? You guessed correctly… Patrick and Vincenza Spina, The very Vincenza Spina who STOLE   “misappropriated” Hundreds of Thousands of dollars from innocent victims and was described by a Judge in New Jersey as a “common law fraud”.

“Bronze Sponsors” to be exact. Not Platinum, not Gold… not even Silver… Bronze….

Here’s the direct Link to the above image featured on the Adler Aphasia Center’s website > http://www.adleraphasiacenter.org/support.cfm?id=7

Now it gets interesting… The Adler Aphasia Center had a little online Auction to raise money > http://www.adleraphasiacenter.org/pdf/Silent%20Auction%20EBLAST.pdf

Notice the Very First item being auctioned? yes Tickets to the NY Jets game on Dec. 1st.
Notice the Very First item being auctioned? yes Tickets to the NY Jets game on Dec. 1st.
here's faux discussing her connections to Dana Adler...who's father in law founded the Adler Aphasia Center
here’s faux discussing her connections to Dana Adler…who’s father in law founded the Adler Aphasia Center

But Vincenza / Antonella / @fauxrealitye Love Love Loves The New York Giants Right? She would NEVER cheer on the Jets….right?

Hellz Bellz !
Hellz Bellz !

By the way, it was also confirmed that Patrick and Vinnie Spina were in fact the winners of the NY Jets auction item…. CONFIRMED!

Patric, it seems is very generous …. very generous indeed.. he even donated items for that very same auction , featured on page 2… “The Ultimate Golf Equipment Package!”

yes... it was confirmed that the golf package included the golf clubs posted in this blog that @fauxrealitye was
yes… it was confirmed that the golf package included the golf clubs posted in this blog that @fauxrealitye was “giving away on twitter”

I wonder if The Adler Aphasia Center is aware there is a good chance that much of the Spina’s financial contributions originated from STOLEN “misappropriated funds” ? The Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Stolen   “misappropriated” has yet to be returned to any of the victims… as ordered by several Judges.

If I ran The Adler Aphasia  Center in New Jersey, that would weigh on my conscience … knowingly accepting funds that probably belong to someone else…… “ALLEGEDLY” lol

I dedicate this blog to James Albro.


Updated on 11/21/2014 – Well, apparently Vincenza Spina has broken the truce, for what reason i have no clue… but oh well… i won’t be fighting her on twitter but i will repost this blog and update this with a lot of recent info… also, in the past 10 months of the truce, Vincenza Spina has broken the truce 4 times… we all stayed calm and no one retaliated,  When she’s ready to move on, and act like an adult someone let me know,  and i’ll take everything down again.

As i said she violated the truce at the very least 4 times, she deleted her truce violation tweets quickly… here’s one example  from October 3rd 2014

One of four times Vinnie broke the truce… i only am aware of four times, there may be others.

Just for fun…  Vincenza Spina and Patrick Spina at the Shelby Run in march of 2014 , if you click it you can enlarge it and see her pie face.

here’s the link to the source of the photo… > http://imageshack.com/i/n6a7pij

Vinnie shelby run 2014
“Hi Mom! It’s Me… Vinnie, your cunt daughter! Sorry for telling everyone you were dead! See you on Thanksgiving!”

Oh this one is rich… read the article first.. paragraph five, then play “spot the vinnie” >


Vinnie tequilla run 2014

Updated on 1/04/2014 at 12:29 Pm CST

This was posted by Vincenza Spina ( @fauxrealitye ) at 8:07 A.M. CST ... i heard she's been lecturing people about
This was posted by Vincenza Spina ( @fauxrealitye ) at 8:07 A.M. CST … i heard she’s been lecturing people about “moving on” a great deal lately.

I,  (Grace ) have been removed from twitter now for 5 months, I locked my blog up and blocked it from google searches… in an effort to encourage “moving on” … apparently Vincenza Spina Known as @Fauxrealitye doesn’t want to. So… i’ve unlocked the blog and opened it back up to google searches. You will see i’ve added a few more things today.

P.S. I will not be rejoining twitter anytime in the near future, I would also like to apologize to everyone who has emailed me at thequeenzofmedia@aol.com … I have almost 700 emails i have not responded to … so forgive me for that.

3:09 pm CST Update: in addition to the updates earlier this afternoon, i just checked my QOM email and found some more interesting tidbits… i am sure more will  be added as I catch up.. this current update will be at the bottom of the blog post .

Update on 1/6/14 at 12:38 cst 

Checking Mail again… and look what came up… Vincenza Spina aka @fauxrealtiye  and her lovely “boyfriend” are big animal lovers they rescued a lost FEMALE dog.. and even helped do clean up work for Hurricane Sandy on 11/08/2012…or so she claims

she even asked people to retweet this
she even asked people to retweet this “notification” so that Joanna Krupa would see it and hopefully follow her.

There’s Only One or Two small problems … well actually 3106 problems…. did you know that Ireland is 3106 miles from New Jersey?

The Dog Above is actually a Male dog and was lost in Ireland two months earlier … interesting eh?

*blank stare* either this dog is a really good swimmer and had a sex reassignment surgery in the process of swimming or someone is full of shit.
*blank stare* either this dog is a really good swimmer and had a sex reassignment surgery in the process of swimming or someone is full of shit.

What’s even more amazing is as a result of Vincenza Spina aka @fauxrealitye,  posting the fake found dog in New Jersey… and months and months of throwing herself at Romain Zago …. Joanna bonded with @Fauxrealitye ! Faux Even claims to have donated money to Joanna’s dog rescue…. I wonder if Joanna knows that IF she received any money from @Fauxrealitye that money was stolen “misappropriated” from 4 other people’s bank accounts… again Hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen misappropriated …. does this give you confidence that Joanna Krupa’s dog rescue is on the up and up? see the rest of the details about this corrupt connection below.


135 thoughts on “Disbarred Lawyer Turns Into Most Dangerous Troll On Social Media; Vincenza Leonelli Spina owner of @FauxrealityM / @adiamondpr

  1. Excellent blog!

    Don’t give credit to Ilana for the term “hobby blogger” she didn’t come up with that. Is she claiming it? Plagiarism!!!


  2. so Faux is not Erykah? The bio says “co owner” so it very well could be Erykah is the other?
    i think person is referring to mobypics. Screenshot that.


    • no faux had a phone number registered to “erica” .. she has a history of using other people’s identities… same with “antonella mollica”… i believe she has had contact with all of these people professionally and stole aspects of their lives to apply to her own.


  3. Thank you for taking the time to compile this information into a succinct blog. Faux aka Vincenza Leonelli Spina has harassed too many people to count and it appears more come forward daily. She has terrorized people by posting personal information, contacted employers (or threatened to contact), contacted family members, posted personal pictures, contacted the IRS, made multiple harassing twitter and Facebook accounts etc. She has written several hate blogs about ordinary citizens and several of her close twitter followers have used the hate blog to post disparaging comments and lies about the hate blog targets. It’s a very sick and dangerous game Vincenza Leonelli Spina and her twitter pals have been playing with real lives yet they seem to enjoy it. Birds of a feather….
    Great work Grace!


  4. Fascinating but disturbing.
    So Faux, are you going to:
    • confront this
    • stay mum
    • show another picture if someone else’s husband or boyfriend to portray as yours
    • tweet the HashTag #buckwheat to deflect (more)

    Or shall we just wait to see what comes up through your “pipeline” Faux ? Inquiring minds want to know. *gag*


  5. Fascinating but disturbing.
    So Faux, are you going to:
    • confront this
    • stay mum
    • show another picture of someone else’s husband or boyfriend to portray as yours
    • tweet the HashTag #buckwheat to deflect (more)

    Or shall we just wait to see what comes up through your “pipeline” Faux ? Inquiring minds want to know. *gag*


  6. And this is who John and Penny…. You fill in the rest.
    Also, faux does reference in a post being a legal researcher by trade. by trade, lol.


  7. Someone needs to let this man: the husband that is — know what is going on. Think about it — what if this man does not know his wife is doing? Is she trying to ruin his business? Using logos to run anonymous social media accounts that basically harass people who do not agree with her? #Buckwheat ring a bell while I am at it?
    This information was gathered by Faux’s carelessness that linked to her many social media accounts!
    What an idiot.
    Who are the people she calls herself “exposing” on the FaceBook account?
    There is something mentally wrong with this woman.
    Faux’s minions want her to do a rebuttal blog. If they cared about her, they would not want her too. I can not help to point out that Faux is making excuses; implying she is “working” on a “new format”. Just as she is working on the rebuttal of the Marco Fan post. I couldn’t resist, sorry!
    On a serious note: this is not even funny if you ask me, more like pathetic on Faux’s end.
    As a business owner I would be mortified if my wife or business partner was behaving this way.
    Why Johnny is allowing this person to do this on his behalf is: selfish.


  8. Here’s a question that Penny needs to answer. Why is she associating with someone whose putting personal information on people she dislikes? As a public figure Penny should have not given Faux the blog to post. Her doing so confirms condoning what she’s doing. Penny would shine if she detaches herself from her.


  9. While I’m not sure I would call Penny a “public figure,” I whole-heartedly agree that her(&johnny’s)connection with Faux is an extremely bad move on her(&his)part!And,although BGP says they made her blog private to “drive us crazy”it actually had the opposite effect!I was curious to read it,so yes,I readily admit,I looked!however, when I saw it was locked,it struck me as so funny that the laugh I got was far better than anything I could’ve gotten from reading it!&because it is locked,its obvious that she is either 1.telling a bunch of lies. Or 2.Too afraid of the repercussions of making the blog public! Either way,as a mother&(a wife)I find it disgusting that another mother would want any part of possibly coming between a husband&wife(&3children).To find any joy out of putting out information in hopes that it will hurt children(however indirectly)is something I hope I never understand!!


  10. It can be difficult as an outsider looking in to quite follow everything, I have read it 4 times every word & doc… BUT THIS takes WORK & I genuinely believe you did it not only for yourself but your home girls too (I respect that in ya)! Its about fkn time honestly… How long as this been going on? Over a year correct?

    The problem is their are WAY TOO MANY of ‘them’, so with the same mentalities… they group together & remind each other that everyone else is the loser or the ‘problem’. NO BITCHES youz are creeps! There is something wrong with people who read a book and go on Twitter & portray all the behaviors of the books Main Character for months… like, really?!?! Isn’t that a legit Mental Illness? Its certainly anything but normal… Now that answers my question as to why they stalk US (I have a few of my own I deal with)…

    Bottom Line: They are just upset they didn’t find any of our cool asses to ‘be’ before we existed in their lives. Lies are hard to keep up with & Karma is a bitch and all that good stuff. I deal with hella crazies, but Faux is her own breed of BONKERS.

    I have to ask, are you reaching out to these people to see if they are aware of the madness, or just getting the truth out is what the focus is??

    *Bows Down to the Queen* BRAVVVVVVV FKN OOOOOOOOOOO and I can only imagine the group effort it took like you mentioned so really, great job to all involved THIS MY DEAR, is a STORY to be told TO EVERYONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I want to refer to this Article when I do write the 2nd part to my own. Let me know if you have any problems with me linking this. Ok, that is all. Glad I kept it short. Sorry! lol


    • thank you and absolutely….link away… and you are right this is much bigger than me…. “faux” has been doing this to people for years. This person is morally bankrupt and i feel is a truly dangerous person.


  11. Everyone,
    The problem is Faux most likely has access to all the websites and probably runs the law firm. So, linking them will be hard with out Faux seeing it first.
    Also, every time faux changes her name, a new twitter account is created to hold her old name.


  12. While the evidence here looks compelling it does not change the fact that Faux is not Spina. Close, but again not a proper d0x – you’ve missed a few key elements. But no matter, I’m sure the person you’ve named as Faux will be highly entertained.


    • 90% of everything that proves she is Vinnie Spina was supplied by @fauxrealitye herself.
      She much later tried to claim she was just an “employee” of Patrick Spina… and if that were the case, then she has presented Patrick and Vinnie’s personal life as her own… and “Cindy” i don’t do “doxing”… she is 100% Vincenza Spina.


    • Well I’m not Suzan Cooke and Grace isn’t Skylar (or Kenny Ortiz for that matter), but Faux continues to claim these things even despite widely available evidence to the contrary.


      • wait? you’re not Suzan Cooke? lol … don’t you know that Faux and crew would have us believe that Vinnie and faux are two different people who own the exact same cars, with matching license plates…matching manicures and matching diamond rings? Do you not see how unreasonable we are to use our common sense?


      • Haha oh yes, and we’re also supposed to think nothing of the association with Sons of Italy’s phone number & how Vincenza’s name mysteriously vanished from their website.


    • what’s interesting is i just found out Vincenza (fauxrealitye) had been telling all of her followers in DM’s that I was forced to shut this blog down because of a C&D lol…. and i was also told that apparently Vinnie deactivated and reactivated her account 4 times in one day recently…she told people it was because one of those anon people publicly tweeted the name “antonella mollica”… and she was scared…lol now mind you that alias was discovered last spring… there is only 1 Antonella Mollica in the entire state of NJ… she doesn’t work for Patrick, i have spoken to her , she’s been exceptionally kind and helpful and i know the connection she has with the spina’s …. let’s just say that “mollica” was her married name… she’s divorced…anyway , vinnie tried to use the “antonella mollica” tweet and fake being scared to convince people that was her name lol.


  13. Miss you…..not the same without you on twitter. No Martha Stewart Saturdays anymore 😦 lol Please consider coming back. Faux isn’t going to stop even if you are gone from twitter…might as well shake things up a bit & have some fun. You are missed by many. Hope you are having a great New Year! Your pal-Booboo
    Ps-This blog still blows me away……great work


    • I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY! lol i say everyday “i need to call lisa” then i don’t…. did you at least get my Christmas Email? lol I remembered that at least lol that was a “guilty lol” btw.


      • A Very interesting read. I have wondered why there are so many twitter wars with Faux; now it all makes sense. I can’t believe someone would go so far to make people’s lives miserable. I had never read your blog, but I sure will from now on!


      • thank you, lol there won’t be much more to read, unless i continue to update this post. there are tons of things i could add but it may be very overwhelming… i’ve been informed that someone else is currently compiling a blog documenting every single thing that faux, Vincenza Spina has done to harm people off of twitter, facebook etc… so that should be even more interesting…..we aren’t talking about name calling, or “vile” “mean” tweets… we are talking about actually trying to harm people in their real lives… the physical threat of harm to me, and to someone completely innocent “kenny ortiz” …. will also be pursued legally.
        It’s ridiculous that this continues… it only takes removing the attack blogs… on both sides… and everyone on both sides moving on. I am very confident that would happen if all the attack blogs were removed. .. at least on our side of the fence.


  14. Grace,
    I miss you so much! I’m actually keeping up with America Horror Story this season. I mean, I do close my eyes a lot…but I tune in every week.

    …and you’re not here.

    Smooches and hugs from Sparky


  15. And this woman is on a school board?
    A person with this mentality should not be on a school board

    “Former school board member Nancy Stern addressed the board on several topics during the April 23 school board meeting in Fort Lee High School’s auditorium.

    Among her concerns were the correct process of calling a special private work session, the appointment of staff members and district coordinators, and where the board and administration stand on the charter schools issue.

    “Some board members have been very vocal. They are opposed to charter schools and yet there’s still no action,” said Stern, who addressed an article on the state’s first comprehensive charter school set to open in Newark.

    According to Stern, classes will be available online and the charter school is beginning to enroll students from across the state for next fall.

    “Even as questions persist as to how exactly the new breed of school will operate and get funded, it’s supposed to start in Newark and expand to other districts within the state at an estimated cost of $13,000 per student,” Stern added.

    But before she could finish asking the board to support Senator Loretta Weinberg’s 1418 bill and take a stand against charter schools, she was informed by school board attorney representative Bruce Padula, from Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri, Jacobs, that she had 30 seconds to finish her questions and statements.

    “I will give credit to the mayor and council because although they have a three-minute rule, they’ll allow people to talk,” Stern said. “In all due respect, after being interrupted and saying, ‘Thirty seconds left’, or not letting there be a dialogue, is really…”

    “Your time is up,” Padula interjected.

    Although Board President Art Levine voiced his opposition against charter schools, what followed was a shift in dialogue from items on the agenda, to an outcry to be heard.

    “This three-minute rule I find ridiculous and personally an embarrassment to the district,” said Fort Lee resident David Sarnoff. “To not be able to have a dialogue – I’ve conferred with people in other towns and they don’t believe me.”

    “With respect to the charter schools, being vocal and words are great, and I appreciate them, but actions are more to me,” Sarnoff added. “I would love to see a resolution passed, putting it in writing, having the board take a stand and notifying the state as where their position is.”

    One resident attended the meeting to learn why a superintendent search was being conducted when the majority of the people she spoke to approve of Steven Engravalle, the interim superintendent.

    “But in doing so, I come to a meeting where I see someone who was asking questions that I found to be pertinent, as I was learning from the questions, being cutoff because of this three-minute rule,” said Fort Lee resident Vincenza Spina. “I find it incredibly arrogant that we spend our money to fund this school [district], and this board can’t give these people more than three minutes.”

    Spina, as well as other residents who followed, disagreed with another board rule forbidding the transfer of time left over when someone stops speaking before their three minutes are up. “


  16. This is what needs to be done to put a stop to this

    It must be a victim of Vinnie’s

    Someone needs to write to everyone she is affiliated with such as school boards members, the charity her husband purchased the ball game tickets from, the victim Vinnie cheated money out of, basically anyone you see Vinnie has connections to outside of Social Media.

    You need to explain how you know it’s Vinnnie; explain how Vinnie outed herself (read this blog) . Most importantly BE POLITE and explain your several attempts at trying to make peace with her and you feel this person is not the kind person that should be associate with.
    This is the only way Vincenza will quit. Obviously she has access to all her husbands communication, so it would be impossible for anyone to contact him and actually get through him. Unless of course you pretend be to a potential client.


    • I think the only way to deal with her is legally.. shaming her has zero effect, sociopaths feel no shame the only feelings they experience are rage and pleasure.. and that pleasure is usually at the expense of someone else. I don’t even think she cares about her husband’s career.. she lost her’s so she , in her odd sense of justice, probably feels it’s only fair that he loses his career, that way she no longer feels inferior to him.


  17. This Spina is the most vile despicable person to do the things she does in real life and on Twitter. Her lack of esteem shows in her efforts to involve herself in Anything and Everything when none if it has anything to do with her. This is a barren woman (praise Jesus) Why is she at a school board meeting to begin with? How does her Husband even stand to look at her? She is overweight, unkempt and clearly has no fashion sense. Is she selling Stolen watches out of that Trench Coat? This person is clearly mentally ill. This explains how she fooled all those Cyber Criminals into defending her when she is actually the Stalker not the Stalkee. Sociopaths are excellent at fooling others into believing they are rational people. God help anyone who actually interacts with her face to face. They are all in danger of being tortured in her basement dungeon if they don’t agree with her. She is destined to become Americas latest female serial killer. Wacko!


  18. SMDH! It just never fucking ends, does it Grace? Some ppl are not happy unless they are pretending to be doing something (fake rescues) or someone who they are not. Not to mention causing trouble. She can pretend to rescue dogs from other countries to impress JoAnna all she wants, leave others alone. I am so tired of seeing people get hurt.
    I want to say so much but won’t.

    You are dearly missed and I am so glad that I took the time to got to you know the little time we followed e/o.

    I spoke up once before for you when she tweeted Skylar’s pic saying it was you. It’s a shame, Skylar does not have a fucking dog in this fight and she’s is brought in it.. For what?

    It has to get exhausting fighting with ppl all the time. We all had our share of fights. At this point, everyone has their version of who & what started this whole thing, I have seen so many ppl try 2 call a truce.. nope. Not her. She will randomly tweets a photo of a tweet from 6 months ago. I am not talking 1 or 2. I can imagine the size of the memory card so to speak. What makes me sick about this all, I believe you said Johhny was on the phone w/ you & her or something? I understand that Johnny doesn’t control her, BUT he brought her in this, knowing she had the time to devote to it. He would co sign her bullshit & tweet things like, “You’re awesome” etc after she would go off on one of her €£^%~€££\€! Then she’ll follow ppl or groups that someone does who she don’t like, just to let you know. There is ppl who started to follow things non HW related, next thing you know she’s tweeting the ppl right along with you. What a sick twat.

    I am a firm believer in Karma, to be clear; when I say “Karma” I don’t mean I or anyone for that matter would go out and do something to her, no, Karma it’s self has a way of giving back.
    TTYL. I’m in the Dr.’s office. Sorry to rant, you are missed.




    • To Clarify,
      When I said; “Then she’ll follow ppl or groups that someone does who she don’t like, just to let you know”
      I don’t meant “just to let you know” as in you Grace, I mean just to let you, THE PERSON know she is.
      F’ing Weirdo.


    • Amia love, it’s amazing….. you think she would have been happy that i left twitter and locked up my blog … but… again she’s a sociopath…

      Amia i emailed you a few months ago… i am so glad to hear from you. I hope you are doing exceptionally well!



  19. How does a man like, Patrick Spina have ties with the PGA GOLF TOUR?
    Mr. & Mrs. Spina have no children, correct? Why are they wanting to be on the school the Ft. Lee School Board of Directors? Patrick did not get the seat, thank goodness considering these circumstances alone.

    I have been thinking about this the past couple of days and have a suggestion.

    There is a longshot of a chance that @FauxRealitye is not Vincenza Spina. I do not know what attempts (if any) have been made to alert anyone of Faux’s behavior. It is disturbing because Faux she could be essentially impersonating Vincenza Spina. Hang me out for a minute.. Thank You.
    I really think the best course of action to take at this point is; anyone who has been a victim or target of this person is to contact either the Charity, School Board and the number of other connections Vincenza has. Mr. Spina seems to be a pillar of his community and most likely is not aware of what is going on. Or, this could be an employee such as his office or a housekeeper impersonating his wife. Who knows, Mr. Spina could be having an affair and this very well could be his mistress. I know Greek John has yet to came out and say that you are wrong Grace, however, I feel the best thing for anyone who has been a target of this woman to alert these places by letting them know you are simply doing so because you are concerned of an identity theft situation or possibly Mr. Spina is not the person who he seems to be because this could be a mistress or his wife.
    After someone explains the first two concerns, you can then explain your concerns by who the real Vincenza Spina really is and ask them if this who they want to be associated with and does her husband know, if so, why does he allow this? You said it yourself Grace about the charity.
    We already know that Vincenza is Patrick’s wife, unfortunately for him. I am sure Patrick feels Vincenza did nothing wrong with the funds situation because Vincenza is a professional liar, maybe, just maybe this will wake the man up. Also, someone should contact James Albro.
    Read my comment again, I say this because I read above Grace mentioned that shaming Faux will do no good. I slightly disagree with you Grace. You are right that shaming her would have no effect. I agree. However, no harm could be done by alerting these people with the three possible scenarios.
    If you ran a charity or had children that went to this school, would you want someone like this associated with you or the program? I am 100% confident they don’t know this side of Vincenza. Like I said, a victim or target of Vincenza’s would have to do it. You have to think of others and not if it would shame Vincenza or not.
    Ok, your WordPress follow button is blocking my view. I have typed blindly because I do not know how to get rid of that damn thing.


    • in my experience, salesmen, attorneys, who have political aspirations, work the golf country club angle and start out with school board spot. School board is the first stepping stone to move onward and upward.

      Local police clubs feeds off of these idiots imo., example donating minimum to charity just for name recognition. Buying football tickets from charity, etc.. its all smoke and mirror of sociopath = duping delight.

      Real men with money and career can smell these men a mile away.


    • Thank you pixie… let me just say, there is conclusive proof that faux is vincenza spina, it has not been shared publicly and is being packaged with all the evidence and once complete will be sent to the New jersey bar association offices of ethics and discipline, but that will punish patrick for having her in his employ, off the books i might add. It is illegal in the state of nj for a member of the bar to share office space in any form or fashion with a disbarred lawyer … she can’t be a receptionist in a law firm, she can’t even be a janitor in a law firm… we have conclusive proof. plus the videos posted are overwhelming… anyone who has spoken to her will know it’s her voice… it’s extremely distinct.


  20. Thank you for you blog! Well done!

    I knew Faux on twitter, talked to her on the phone, mainly texting.

    Reading your blogs, reviewing of the evidence is compelling, however, it does not fit with my behavior analysis of Faux that I communicated with on twitter.

    The type of personality that can graduate college, graduate from law school, pass the bar, maintain long term employment, bag a rich man, go onto embezzle….does not fit with the paranoid, aggressive, insecure, obnoxious attention mongrel that begs for the attention of lying loser Johnny The Greek and business owner Romain Zago.

    (JTG and Faux relationship was strictly social media and never in person. All the tweets about JTG knowing her BF and how her BF will beat up so, and so, is pure fiction. JTG went along with the lies because JTG was desperate for social media exposure. Faux and JTG used each other mutually imo. An entire relationship built on lies. They both eagerly went along with all the lies as if it was normal to fake relationships, events, dates, calls, activities.

    The Faux on twitter wanted me to block people, that she did not like or was fighting with or was paranoid of a fake spy account. Faux’s level of paranoia was obsessive and made no sense. I felt like Faux’s favorite past time was fighting on twitter. I ignored it and moved on with my research. Until Bryan came along.

    Faux having so many social media accounts, all the research, all the time and energy would need a purpose. Sociopath’s need a pay off, duping delight, control of others….imo

    I do not read confidence, security, accomplished, arrogant, self entitled from the Faux I knew on twitter.

    I read insecure, grandiose bragging with lots of “my boyfriend will beat him up” juvenile tantrums. Irrational, skewed perception, altered reality, pathological need for revenge.

    Actions need to match words for me to feel confident that you are on the right path. I do not feel secure not even 5%.

    I do not have answer. I am sorry. I have a guess… As a child Faux was so overly controlled by an over bearing parent = the “child rearer” stole Faux identity, her “id”, therefore, Faux needs to steal parts of other peoples lives to weave as her own identity giving way for an entire life living on social media. The pay off is attention, the feeling of living, the ability to continue the fantasies. This fits with my experience with Faux.

    An accomplished (disbarred) attorney married to a successful man who tries hard to maintain ties to his local community, reeks of self entitled narcissism. This type of person needs face to face duping delight not internet in my opinion.

    Queen, you are smart as hell! I am an admirer of your work.

    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.

    Chris Stark (stark3923)
    (I changed my twitter account name)


    • thank you chris…. did you watch the videos that carrie posted? of Vincenza speaking? there are four of them… everyone who has spoken to faux will clearly recognize her voice… it’s 100% her. she’s spiraling out of control


    • Here Chris let me post the links to the videos here.
      1. fast forward to the 1 hour and ten minute mark > https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9-fxdvI2-LYaHkwZlhtaUVhek0/edit?pli=1

      2. fast forward to the 2 hour 12 minute mark > https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9-fxdvI2-LYWkpKMEZKTU1ZLTA/edit?pli=1

      3. fast forward to the 21:35 minute mark > https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9-fxdvI2-LYU2Y3c2xsZi1wWms/edit?pli=1

      4. fast forward to the 46:07 minute mark > https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9-fxdvI2-LYcE1IVXRCNnN3R0k/edit?pli=1

      her voice is as clear as whistle… like she’s standing in the same room with you.. and anyone who has ever spoken to “antonella” on the phone will recognize it with in the first two or three words she speaks.


      • I read this post and my first thought was maybe I did not speak to Faux on the phone, maybe it was just all text, because I just assumed from this post, she had some thick NJ accent and I can not remember Faux has having anything unique about her voice. Then I watched the video…. nothing is clicking for me….. its not a voice I remember … the aggressiveness = yes. I assume you are correct and I am a crazy bat on drugs.

        You work is magical!

        What I remember most about Faux is her paranoia, and her weird need to tell me her bf will beat people up, and I remember the day she got in engaged, I remember thinking this girl is lying, newly engaged people are not on the internet, they are out with fiancee, family, friends, glowing…imo…this is what I remember thinking at the time.

        I remember how important it was for her to get Johnny to lie and say he knew her boyfriend and the people he ran with…and how Faux kept saying…”Johnny knows not to lie to me because he knows my boyfriend will go and kick his ass…” and I kept pointing out to Faux all of Johnny’s lies.

        I remember asking her to help me with a simple legal issue I had with a former stalker who wrote a blog post on me after a judge ordered her off the internet and Faux could not help me and kept making excuses etc…. her boss was busy, a paralegal friend will look into it….

        I remember thinking her and Johnny sure do lie very easy and are enjoying it way to much. I remember Faux as being very revengeful. While I was busy researching, it seemed Faux liked to be distracted with what others were doing and who their friends were, if she received a new subscriber, she was like Colombo on them.

        Did the 2 cell numbers I had ever lead to anything? 201-**9-0791 not sure why this is still in my cell phone under Ant


      • Chris i think i remember you telling me ages ago, you had only texted with her…. as for the #’s one well we all know how that went.. she registered one in someone else’s name.. he had no clue the number existed.


      • The links provided no longer exist on google. Did anybody download copies that can be reposted? Excellent job with this post. I salute you and everyone involved in the investigation to bring the truth to the surface.


      • no one on my team deleted them.. apparently one of Vinnie’s former friends did though… and it’s posted on the faux problems blog, i reblogged it … i was informed by one of her former friends that she contacted the school board to have them removed because she was being “stalked”…. the school board will be reposting them.. they have to by law.. i think with in the next two weeks.


    • Actually I think this duality in character and personality is pretty common in pathological people like her. Just look at any seemingly educated politician who’s found his way to success, only to reveal his dark side when immature texts and dick pics to young girls are found…or he’s caught in a childish revenge scandal involving a bridge closure…the list is endless. Faux’s twitter behavior is entirely consistent with a bitter disbarred attorney who shows up at school board meetings to complain and lecture people.


  21. Get ready to shake your heads some more. I am commenting with the same credentials as I just did on Faux’s [Vincenza Spina] blog. When I say, “Faux’s Blog” of course I am referring to Vincenza Spina.
    I got an email today with the text of Mrs Chubby Checkered Fingers & Thighs blog post “Guest Blogger: Girl Interupted”
    Wouldn’t you know it’s about someone posting personal information such as Ip’s, names, phone number and addresses? To top it off, the author also bashes the MobWives Blogspot Blog. It just so happens the MobWives Blogspot crew are friendly with Stoopid Housewives. We all know @FauxRealitye [Vincenza Spina] has commented under her [Vincenza Spina] 27 different aliases on Stoopid Housewives.. That’s beside the point, we all know that Vincenza Leonelli Spina is so far up Stoopid Housewives ass and would not be surprised if Vincenza Leonelli Spina has to ask for air. Speaking of Stoopid Housewives, yes indeed Stoopid Housewives is well aware of who Faux Reality is: Vincenza Spina
    StoopidHousewives also aware of Vincenza Spina’s criminal activities as well. StoopidHousewives is also aware of the LIES and denial of @FauxRealitye herself being Vincenza Spina according to my source. My source went on to say that StoopidHousewives pretends to NOT know about [Vincenza Spina] and remains friendly with her [Vincenza Spina] until Vincenza Spina crosses her. My money is on StoopidHousewives.

    On the guest post, I expressed that if the person would have taken out the name of the person, it would have been a blog post about Vincenza Spina. Vincenza Spina does the SAME THING! I doubt my comment will be posted.
    Now Vincenza Spina may only post screen shots of tweets with an IP stamped, but it’s the same thing. It is against the Twitter TOS. Vincenza Spina.
    I do not hang out on twitter so much, is there a way someone could report Vincenza Spina for name squatting and posting personal information?

    Vincenza Spina

    Also, I took a look at the videos and heard Vincenza Spina freely state her [Vinnie Spina] home address and entered the addresses on a Map Program. Homegirl [Vincenza Spina] needs a new roof. LMAO, oh yes she [Vincenza Spina] does.

    I agree, someone needs to notify the Ft. Lee School District regarding Vincenza Leonelli Spina’s cyber stalking hobby. This type of woman [Vincenza Spina] should not be affiliated or on any school board involving children. I don’t care if she [Vincenza Spina] is not on the school board or not, Vincenza Leonelli Spina should not be allowed to attend any meetings or step her [Vincenza Spina] chubby thunder thighs in a school period. If Patrick Spina is aware of his wife’s Vincenza Leonelli Spina’s cyber stalking activities he [Patrick Spina who happens to have a flat ass as well as Vincenza Spina] should also be barred from attending them as well.

    Please, when mentioning Vincenza Spina: using “her” or “she”
    always use brackets with [Vincenza Spina] next to “she” [Vincenza Spina] or “her” [Vincenza Spina] so all of the Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can archive it. I know it makes it complicated to read, but search engines appreciate it. 🙂

    Ping Bitch! [Vincenza Spina]
    Google: [Vincenza Spina]
    Bing: [Vincenza Spina]
    Yahoo: [Vincenza Spina]

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  22. Hi Grace. How are you? This blog is AMAZING! I love you even more. I am glad I have your email now because I can email you so forgive me for comment anonymously. I battled that fucking nut for months. I went to Facebook and it is so much better.
    I uncovered something everyone.. eNjOy

    So, Vinnie has ANOTHER account.. I know, shocker.

    I vowed to stay off twitter but so much chit chattering is going on about the account “@TrutherVille – Captain Obvious ” on Facebook

    No, I am not calling her Captain Obvious the account says it.

    “TrutherVille” a Leopard never changes it’s spot does it? Faux is going to “expose” the truth on another account.

    The account’s profile links to the warriorproject.org
    The profile reads:

    ” I point out the obvious. I fight bat-shit crazy stupid. I can leap over a trash can in a single bound. I in my spare time I count paper clips. #OpDoom #TrapWire

    An account that is representing a cause as such would not have a profile as such I must add.

    The account maybe once has mentioned someone about the Warriors Project in their tweets. I am sure she will after she reads my comment.
    The account is new, December 2013 and it just so happens, the account tweets about the same same things and “causes” Faux tweets about such as; “educates” people on the law; of all things it was about a former Kate Gosselin blogger.
    The account has 643 followers (Account Created 2013 of December) who’s egg/fake followers follow Vinnie.
    I could easily put on my profile
    TheQueenzOfMedia.wordpress.com does not mean I own it.

    Vinnie is careful to tweet to herself on fauxrealitye to make it seem like she isn’t the account.
    Take a look at the board of directors http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/mission/board-of-directors.aspx then look at the tweets, lol.

    Hurry up and check it out. Right now she is tweeting things to Faux’s (her) enemies and Faux’s usual, screenshot ing everything.

    This broad needs to take up knitting and make her husband a fucking cock sock because when he finds out what a psychotic narcissist wife he has, Patrick is going to take that Shelby Car and go look for something attractive.

    I expect a response Grace. *snickers*


    • Yas! email away please… and if i don’t respond quickly please forgive me in advance. lol i have to remind myself to check comments here … i am about to start looking at what you just sent.

      thank you so much


    • Where on FaceBook?

      BTW be aware that while CaptO was previously friendly to Vincenza he is NOT now. I suspect she pulled a fast one on him back in the day like she did a lot of others.

      Now that he has clearly come out against her and Brandon, she is doing everything she can to stir people against him and paste lies all over the place. Just know it for what it is. More of her BS.


    • well hellz bellz if it isn’t the first lady of the great state of texas with a funny texas/new jersey accent! i miss you poodle! and yes we must! you need to accept my google talk invite! xoxoxo


  23. Hi Grace.
    I am another one of those people that was stupid enough to call Vinnie a friend at one time. I owe you and other victims of her bullshit a big apology for ever believing a word that she said. She wouldn’t know the truth if it punched her in the face. Talk about hindsight being 20-20. I still beat myself up emotionally because it took me so long to figure out that she’s fucking bat shit crazy. I still don’t know why I didn’t run for the hills when she started writing those ridiculous blogs about various people outing their personal info just to be a vindictive bitch. I guess I got scared that maybe I’d told her too much about myself and the next blog would be about me. I imagine her having a file on each of her so called friends where she gathers “Intel” and when the “friendship” ends, if you’ve pissed her off in some way, you’re the next one to get attacked and blogged about.
    Vinnie pretty much ruined Twitter for me and Im sorry I ever met her. Period. Her constant attacks on people sicken me. My only hope is that 1 of these days she gets what’s coming to her for everything she’s done and I wish I could be there to watch it happen.
    Welp that’s pretty much it. I guess I just wanted to get some of this shit off my chest. Take care and be well Grace..


  24. Hello, I posted the comment to see if the comment would post or not.
    You do not have to post my comment.
    Please have Kristen Johnston get in touch with me. I personally know Vincenza and have something her attorney would be interested in.
    Respectfully Submitted.

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  25. Wow!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Great job Sherlock!

    *correction – Ilana is NOT the owner of the term Hobby Blog- that is owned by Putyourhairup*

    Ilana lies!


  26. How is this person not in Jail?? Seriously!? Take out “Her” Court crap, just based off of her YEARS of twitter torment alone! Thank God I never fell down the RabbitHole! This chick is certifiable! AND not to practice in a Court of Law…Sorry, couldn’t help that one!

    I jumped on the twitter bandwagon 2 years ago and instantly this person popped up, along with the rest of the alias’s and “Her” Friends. It shocked me how deep this went and webbed out. Eventually at the end of my two year twitter stint…nearly 80% of my “Followers” were someway or somehow connected to this crazy sociopath and her team! I left and have never returned. How I made it unscathed… I am super lucky, it didn’t take long to see what was happening! But, this person is pretty good at her attempts and has ruined people. It was so sad to see. It has ruined twitter and lives for many and many more lives than we will ever know, I’m sure… How sad, TWITTER! I ran into these people over the course of months on different Housewives pages… Scary.

    One thing I have to say and the biggest reason why I HAD to post….

    One particular person posting on here (that I know of) is also apart of this whole deal and is another alias…
    I won’t put them on Blast publicly. I will let you handle it, if you choose to do so. I worry, but hope this is not someone you are close too…

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Queenz its Frankie beans ! I don’t always read your blogs except today. I thought everything blew over wit everyone and went there in ways? I bang believe there are issues still going on? It’s gotten pretty old by now. I hope you all can find peace and move along your separate ways. Hope all is well and wishing you all my regards.

        This transmission is intended Only for the party to whom it is addressed and may contain privileged and confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination or copying of this transmission is prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please notify us immediately by telephone and return this transmission and any copies to us. Thank you.



  27. Can you post a blog or comment specifically with a list of Vinnie Spina’s Twitter accounts that are suspended and one of her current Twitter pages.


  28. Queenz, I suspect Vinny is back to her old tricks on twitter. I knew she never left, but went into her elephant seal type of hibernation after getting caught by Bullyville, but I believe she is back to her usual tricks of contacting the employers of twitter users she doesn’t like just because they don’t share the same opinions on reality T.V. Housewife characters. Have you seen/heard anything unusual lately? I wont post the twitter handle here but I am certain it is her.


  29. Queenz, I think Vinny is back on twitter (did she ever leave?) doing what she does best. Contacting the employers of people from twitter that she doesn’t like and that don’t agree with her views on Bravo Housewives or certain celebrities. I don’t want to post the name of the twitter account that i am sure is her, so I came her to see if other’s have heard/scene the latest online. I believe she was behind a certain entertainment blogger who recently deleting her twitter account which I believe was due to abuse from Chinny. I just wanted to give you a heads up.


    • hi, oh she’s still on twitter with at least four known accts… i updated my blog a while ago … not sure when blogger you are speaking of… if you follow me on twitter shoot me a dm or tell me here so i can take a gander xoxo thank you.


  30. Hi Queenz. I need to open a twitter account so I can DM you so I came back here first. The one sock account I mentioned last month I think is gone again, for now. I won’t post name here but I was sure was her. But I see the latest with BK and his fraudulent GofundMe and the $ he/Vinny took from a friend that is now a foe. The shit never ends with those fools. I have followed her sloppiness online now for 4 years. She is a case. She needs to call Lora Lusher so they can swap stories. I found some funny shit while doing some quick internet searching. BK registered two domain names in his name for Vinny both in the name of Joanna Krupa– joannakrupa.net and joannakrupa.org. Why would someone do that if they didn’t want to extort someone? I know they did that to poor Kjo. These fools are crazy.


  31. Was it the car that made is possible to identify Vincenza? Good job. I always thought this nut was a weirdo. Do not get me started on Vincenza Spina’s obsession with Joanna Krupa.
    I am also hearing your friend Skyler passed away? Is that true? If so, I am so very sorry.

    Patrick Spina if you are reading this, get your wife help.


      • Grace, this is an amazing blog. Everything is Spot On. I would just like to add that the ring Vinnie posted is so clearly not a real diamond. Just like everything else in her life, it is so clearly Fake! You keep on Keepin on, Girl. You Know who this is #Nutritionzone. Xoxo


  32. So let me get this straight:

    1. Faux talks to people on the phone as Antonella, yet her voice is an exact match to the videos of Vinny from both the school board meeting and the car bash. One person even goes so far as to have a phone call between herself and Antonella (that she recorded) professionally matched to the voice in the videos.

    2. Faux sends emails to people (before she realizes what a VPN is) and the IP on those emails goes to the Spina’s home address.

    3. Faux insists a particular and very distinctive car (the Shelby) belongs to Luca her boyfriend yet that very same car belongs to Patrick Spina.

    4. Faux posts pictures of her own Mercedes and it is just coincidence that Vinny Spina happens to drive the exact same year, make, model, and color of Mercedes that Faux does.

    5. Faux sends a draft of an email she plans to send to Twitter, in that email she admits to being Vinny.

    6. Faux send Fedex labels to someone else but the Fedex account belongs to Patrick Spina.

    7. Faux asks for donations for Brandon King to get him out of jail but the Paypal account used to accept funds goes to Patrick Spina

    8. Faux corresponds with someone on Twitter using a nutritionzone email that goes back to a business owned by Patrick Spina.

    All of this is hard proven evidence but somehow Vinny and a few of her remaining idiot followers want us all to believe Faux is not Vinny Spina.


      • Hello, Miss Queenz, do you know of any way to donate to Mr. James Albro? I would love to either set up a fund for him, or at least have a way to donate to him some of the monies that Brandon King tried to “pay me back” for the monies Vinnie Stole from Me (yes, she is a confirmed thief, 100% Verified). Vinnie is obviously hiding her assets so Mr. Albro cannot collect on his judgement against her .. I think it would be a great cause to have a way to send him donations.


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